Parliamentarian - Shawn Padley


I am enrolled in the Liberal Arts Transfer, (Associate of Arts program), Women and Gender Studies Certificate at Madison Area Technical College. After graduation, I plan to transfer to Marquette University to major in Gender and Sexualities Studies and to later develop inclusive, comprehensive, and scientifically-accurate Sex Ed curriculum for k-12 public schools.

When I attended my first WSG meeting, I saw a lot of people with great ideas, but who weren’t sure how to proceed. As someone who is already familiar with Robert’s Rules of Order and who has had an above-average amount of practice in reading, interpreting, and clarity-editing bylaws for various groups, I knew that my experience would best serve the organization in the position of Parliamentarian.

AFO - Marquise Piotrowski


I am currently in the accounting program at Northcentral Technical College. By the end of summer 2019, I hope to be both licensed and certified in doing residential real estate appraisals. I am serving on the WSG executive board not only as a way to apply my accounting skills but to also give back to an organization that has given so much to me.

Vice President - Kyle Neveau


I am currently enrolled in the Architectural Technology program at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College. I plan to graduate in the spring of 2019 and then go on to pursue my licensure in the state of Wisconsin. I am a returning adult to school after being in the military and workforce for the past 15 years. I plan to use my time as the Vice President to help the current and future students the best that I can and offer a different perspective from my experiences over the years.

President - Connor Jackson


I am currently enrolled in the Criminal Justice AAs program at Fox Valley Technical College. I plan on graduating Fall of 2019, and then going through Police Recruit Training at the Public Safety Training Center in Neenah with the hopes of being a sworn officer in the Fox Valley. From my first meeting as lieutenant governor at WSG I knew this was an organization that can directly influence how students can accomplish their goals in education and leadership development. I am honored and excited to serve as President for the 2018-19 year.

AFO Bobbi Kammes 2017-2018

AFO Bobbi Kammes

President Michael Gawel 2017-2018

President Michael Gawel

  • I am a student in the Banking & Finance / Accounting programs at Fox Valley Technical College.
  • I one day hope to become a Certified Financial Planner that will use my knowledge to help educate all, but especially Veterans and their families on financial wellness and budgeting.
  • Why WSG? I wanted to take a bigger part in this group after I attended the Legislative seminar in February 2017 and saw what WSG does to help achieve for the Wisconsin Technical College students.
  • I am a retired disabled combat Veteran who wanted to do more after leaving the military so I decided to go back to school in the WTCS system and it is one of the best choices I have ever made.
  • Current Involvement: WSG President, Student Government President at FVTC, President of FVTC SVA (Student Veteran of America), PTK honors Society, Treasurer for collegiate DECA at FVTC.

Vice President Bryce Schulz 2017-2018


  • I am currently a student at Northcentral Technical College in the Accounting Program.
  • My future career goal is to own my own accounting firm.
  • I decided to become part of WSG after attending the WSG Legislative Seminar the past two years. I wanted to have a bigger role in supporting WSG.
  • I am currently the Vice President of WSG, Vice President of Activities and Volunteerism, Veterans Club and currently working on starting a food pantry at Northcentral Technical College.

Parliamentarian Alex McCleary 2017-2018


  • Program: Information Technology Network Specialist and Information Technology:Technical Support Specialist at Moraine Park Technical College
  • Career goal: Run an IT department in a business
  • Why I ran for office: To give back to an organization that helped us out, as well as use my skills to assist others in understanding and following Robert's Rules of Order.
  • Other points of interest: Certified a Microsoft Office Specialist in Excel and Access, Attendee of Badger Boys State 2015, Parliamentarian on the MPTC District Student Government

Parliamentarian Carly Moulton

November 11 2016 004

AFO Timothy Homuth

November 11 2016 010

AFO Traci Lawrenz

Traci Lawrenz

Vice President Richard Evers

Richard Evers

President Christopher Morse

Christopher Morse

An Army Veteran, I am currently majoring in Leadership Development, Human Resource Management and Manufacturing Management at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College.  I am the President of Leaders in Action, a Vice President in Phi Theta Kappa and a student ambassador.  I love going to church and my faith is very important to me.  I look forward to serving Wisconsin Student Government as the President for 2016-2017

Vice President John Lippold

John Lippold web

School: Moraine Park Technical College
Program: Interactive Media

Important Issues: There are numerous important issues facing our elected representatives. It behooves us the make sure our representatives in Madison keep the technical college system in the forefront. Additionally, I think it is critical for the students of the technical college system to identify avenues of entrepreneurship within our areas of study. If we can build our own enterprises we will not be dependent on the economy to provide our livelihood. Where possible, we should encourage our schools to add classes to their curriculum that would promote this way of thinking.

Looking forward to: On a regular basis I interact with politicians on a local level. I am looking forward to building a dialogue with our representatives on the state level.

AFO Diana Galindo

Diana Galindo web

President Rebecca Gement

Rebecca Gement web

Degree Program – I graduated in May 2011 with my Network Specialist Degree. I am currently working on programming/administration for the IBM iSeries and a Computer Support Specialist Degree. I plan to graduate in May 2012. I am hoping to find a position where I am the liaison between the end user and the program designer. Traveling would be a bonus!

Important Issues to you – Technical Colleges have never been more important to the State of Wisconsin than they are now. We need to ensure that they have the funding necessary to meet the current and future needs of our students and business partners. The three areas I feel are very important right now are:

Sustainability because if we do not take care of our resources today, there will be none for tomorrow.

Entrepreneurship as every big business began as one person having a dream, setting goals and succeeding.

Service Learning because it is important to give back to our communities both our time and knowledge so that the next generation learns from our successes and our failures.

What are you looking forward to most in your position – I look forward to meeting with legislators to let them know how important the success of our technical college system is to the state of Wisconsin’s economy. Technical Colleges touch on every aspect of the working class. They give young students the hands-on training necessary to enter the workforce with real-world skills. They give older, displaced worker students the opportunity to garner new skills in a timely fashion to return to the workforce. Finally, they also offer the opportunity for current workers to take specialized classes needed for them to continue on their career path. As President of WSG, I look forward to being the spokesperson for technical college students throughout the state to present their concerns and goals to leaders in the State of Wisconsin.

Vice President Jordan Justus

Jordan Justice

Degree Program - Golf Management

Issues Important to me - There are many important issues that the Technical College System faces in a typical year. I plan on making sure that the legislatures in Madison are aware on where we Technical College stand on issues for they are well aware on how we feel on legislation that affects how the Technical Colleges Operate.

What are you looking forward to most in your position- I look forward to representing WSG and building a relationship with our organizations and our state legislatures.

President Adam Strozier

Adam Strozier

Program - Liberal Arts

Issues I feel are important - Improving the the Image of the of the Technical College System, Keeping costs affordable for students, Continual integration of technology into the classrooms.

Things I am looking forward to in my new position - I am looking forward to becoming more politically involved in legislative affairs that affect our technical colleges. This year I would like to take a deep look at all new legislation that is being introduced and give our position and input to our legislators. I am also looking forward to promoting important skills, such as leadership that can be used in WSG, local student governments and in the work field.

AFO Officer Sarah Joas

Sarah Joas

School - Gateway Technical College
Program - Human Services with certification in AODA

Issues I feel are important - For the last 7 years I have advocated for students on many different levelss and issues. My advocacy efforts started when my son was diagnosed with Autism in 2005. I am passionate about education and everyone having an opportunity to continue on after they graduate high school. Students can only do this if the cost of college is kept to a minimum. I believe in the Technical College System and am excited to promote all that our schools have to offer students.

Things I am looking forward to in my position - In this next year I am preparing to build a stronger relationship between Wisconsin Student Government and our state LEgislators. I also hope that as an organization we will not only look at our local issues, but keep an eye on the national issues that will inflence our colleges as well. I am personally delighted and honored to nuture leadership skills; not only in myself but in my peers as well.  

Vice President Mark Short

Mark Short Web

School - Gateway Technical College
Program - Accounting

Issues I feel are important - Improved articulation agreements between WTCS and UW schools, maintenance of State-sponsored Financial Aid opportunities, more Service Learning opportunities at schools, and improved communication of WTCS-related legislative issues to students.

Things I am looking forward to in my position - In the Vice-President position of WSG, I am looking forward to working with other officers and delegates in WSG to create a mission statement that will encapsulate all that this organization hopes to achieve. I am looking forward to getting to know the diverse members of WSG and learning what the needs of their constituent student population is. I look forward to supporting our newly-elected President, Caroline Russell in the direction she would like to guide the organization. Finally, I look forward to the enhancing the good working relationship our organization has with both the Wisconsin Technical Colleges District Boards Association and the Wisconsin Technical College System Board for the purposes of promoting students' interests.

As the 2012-2013 AFO

Issues I feel are important - Improved credit transfer agreements between WTCS and UW schools, maintenance of State-sponsored Financial Aid opportunities, more Service Learning opportunities at schools, and improved communication of WTCS-related legislative issues to students, exploring and initiating relations with the Tribal Community Colleges in Wisconsin, and continued participation in ASACC-related events and initiatives.

Things I am looking forward to in my position - In the AFO position, I am looking forward to the experience of the process of developing an annual budget. I look forward to getting to know my fellow officers as well as the members of the delegations from around Wisconsin. Finally, I look forward to the wonderful opportunity of advocating the wishes of the WTCS students to state legislators.

President Caroline Russell

Caroline Russell

My name is Caroline Russell and I am currently a freshmen at Madison College in Madison, WI. I have served on our Student Senate since October and was also Lieutenant Governor until April 13th, 2013 when I was elected President of WSG. I am in the Liberal Arts Transfer major right now at Madison College but I am also a UW-Connections student. I will be transitioning to UW-Madison in the Fall of 2014 and am hoping to obtain my masters in Political Science and Sociology with certificates in German, Macroeconomics and Anthropology by 2017.

As President of WSG I would like to make our wonderful organization into an institutional powerhouse that legislators, local and state, can come to for advice and guidance on issues that are central to our students. I want all of our Governors and Lieutenant Governors to be extremely familiar with their legislators and meet with them often. I also would like us to work more fluidly together in order to achieve the goals we have for each of our individual colleges. Lastly I want to maintain the credibility of our tremendous work by ensuring that the entirety of the state's technical colleges remain an active within this organization; we are stronger together than we would be apart. I am extremely excited to work with my Vice President Mark Short, and all of the Governors and Lieutenant Governors!

Parliamentarian Christopher Arbour

Christopher Arbour Web

Vice President Craig Collins

Craig Collins Web

AFO Charlie Andrews

Charlie Andrews Web

Resource Director Jan Logan

Jan Logan Photos for website 006

  • WSG Resource Director – 2007- Present
  • Student Life & WSG Advisor/Coordinator, Moraine Park Technical College – 2002-2007
  • Events Coordinator and Meeting Planner, Moraine Park Technical College – 2002-2007
  • Manager, Moraine Park Technical College – 1980-2007 My

WSG Goals: To provide logistical support, facilitate communications and advise WSG members to assure the continued operation and development of WSG as an organization. To work in support of technical college student leaders throughout the state.

Parliamentarian Richard Weber

Richard Weber

Adm Financial Officer Traci Lawrenz

Traci Lawrenz

Vice President Chris Villarreal

Chris Villarreal Web

President Joseph Dolzani

Joseph DolzaniWeb