Vicky Weiland Resource Director


It is an honor and privilege for me to work with WSG as the Resource Director and State Advisor! It is inspirational to watch students from each of their respective technical colleges come together and through collaboration represent all technical college students. The WSG officers along with the Governors and Lt. Governors are passionate about wanting to create the best experience for all students who attend a technical college.

My career as the Student Life Director at Fox Valley Technical College for over 25 years was a blessing. In addition to overseeing student development, I also served as the Conduct Officer during the last several years before my retirement in 2014. Although I retired from FVTC, I continue to work with students as an adjunct faculty member and a motivational speaker. My proudest accomplishment is being a mom and grandma!

Student leadership brings about positive change!! I am thrilled to be play a small part in this by working with the passionate leaders involved in WSG.

Fidel Arellano Jr. -- Parliamentarian

Currently a student at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, I am in the Hotel Hospitality Management program.  My career goals are to help others in need, guide them in the direction that best serves them and support them.  I played a role in our college with the food pantry and am very involved in my church.  I recently proposed to my girlfriend!  My hope as an officer for WSG is to keep focused on the agenda and advocate for all Wisconsin technical college students.

Joseph Brown -- AFO (Assistant Financial Officer)

I am currently in the ASLA Transfer Program at Western Technical College.  In the Fall of 2020, I plan to transfer to UW-Whitewater for a major in Political Science and a minor in Communications.  I hope to graduate with the knowledge and skills to run and become a Wisconsin State Representative before the age of 30.  I am currently a member of the Fine Arts Club and an Executive Board Member of Student Government at my college.  During my time as Lieutenant Governor of WSG, it has taught me many skills that will helpl me advocate for wht i believe in.  That is why I believe serving as an Executive Board Member for WSG is my way of giving back and saying thank you.

Bobbi Steines - Vice President

I am so excited to be part of Wisconsin Student Government!  After serving on the Student Government Association Executive Board at Fox Valley Technical College, I knew I wanted to become a voice for students on a larger scale.  I am so proud to advocate for the 300,000+ students  WSG represents.  i am originally from Northern Wisconsin and moved to the Fox Valley to attend college.  At FVTC I chair the on-campus food committee. Our goal is to provide mor affordable food options to students.  I am passionate about helping students save money in any way they can.  After I finish my Associate Degree, I will be rransferring to pursue my Bachelor's Degree in Political Science and Public Administration.  During my time as WSG Vice President, I hope to show others the importance of advocating for technical college education.  I hope to help provide an atmosphere where students and lawmakers can discuss how technical colleges benefit Wisconsin.  I can't wait to get started!

Ann Ilagan - President

Hi there!  I'm Ann Ilagan, small business owner and student at Mid-State Technical Collet in Stevens Point.  I started attending Mid-State to refine the business and marketing skills I have learned through trial and error while running my own photography business.  By attending Mid-State, I developed a fond appreciation of the technical college system.  I am thrilled to be able to represent the technical college students of Wisconsin and cannot wait to help however I can to get the word out about how impactful the Wisconsin Technical College System is.

A few fun facts about me: I believe traveling is a great way to enhance education, photography is an incredible tool to boost any message, and relationship building happens around coffee and good food.