President - Connor Jackson


I am currently enrolled in the Criminal Justice AAs program at Fox Valley Technical College. I plan on graduating Fall of 2019, and then going through Police Recruit Training at the Public Safety Training Center in Neenah with the hopes of being a sworn officer in the Fox Valley. From my first meeting as lieutenant governor at WSG I knew this was an organization that can directly influence how students can accomplish their goals in education and leadership development. I am honored and excited to serve as President for the 2018-19 year.

Vice President - Kyle Neveau


I am currently enrolled in the Architectural Technology program at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College. I plan to graduate in the spring of 2019 and then go on to pursue my licensure in the state of Wisconsin. I am a returning adult to school after being in the military and workforce for the past 15 years. I plan to use my time as the Vice President to help the current and future students the best that I can and offer a different perspective from my experiences over the years.

AFO - Marquise Piotrowski


I am currently in the accounting program at Northcentral Technical College. By the end of summer 2019, I hope to be both licensed and certified in doing residential real estate appraisals. I am serving on the WSG executive board not only as a way to apply my accounting skills but to also give back to an organization that has given so much to me.

Parliamentarian - Shawn Padley


I am enrolled in the Liberal Arts Transfer, (Associate of Arts program), Women and Gender Studies Certificate at Madison Area Technical College. After graduation, I plan to transfer to Marquette University to major in Gender and Sexualities Studies and to later develop inclusive, comprehensive, and scientifically-accurate Sex Ed curriculum for k-12 public schools.

When I attended my first WSG meeting, I saw a lot of people with great ideas, but who weren’t sure how to proceed. As someone who is already familiar with Robert’s Rules of Order and who has had an above-average amount of practice in reading, interpreting, and clarity-editing bylaws for various groups, I knew that my experience would best serve the organization in the position of Parliamentarian.

Vicky Weiland Resource Director


It is an honor and privilege for me to work with WSG as the Resource Director and State Advisor! It is inspirational to watch students from each of their respective technical colleges come together and through collaboration represent all technical college students. The WSG officers along with the Governors and Lt. Governors are passionate about wanting to create the best experience for all students who attend a technical college.

My career as the Student Life Director at Fox Valley Technical College for over 25 years was a blessing. In addition to overseeing student development, I also served as the Conduct Officer during the last several years before my retirement in 2014. Although I retired from FVTC, I continue to work with students as an adjunct faculty member and a motivational speaker. My proudest accomplishment is being a mom and grandma!

Student leadership brings about positive change!! I am thrilled to be play a small part in this by working with the passionate leaders involved in WSG.