• Creation and passage of legislation to seat a student on theWisconsin Technical College System Board §15.94 as a voting member §15.94
  • Seating of WTCS students on both the Higher Educational Aids Board §15.67 and the Council on Financial Aid Seating of a student on the Governor's Task Force on the technical college system Establishment of a statewide WSG Governor's Board of Directors and officers Control of the expenditure of student activity fees §38.145within the guidelines set by the districts and the WTCS state board
  • Guaranteed retraining of WTCS graduates §38.24 who are deemed not adequately prepared for the workforce
  • Successful lobbying of biennium budget increases Gained ground on the transferability of credits between the UW system and the WTCS system Recognized as members of the the Wisconsin Technical College System Coalition. The coalition confederation of key stakeholder organizations that “reflect the interest of and coordinate the support of” the individual member organizations, the Wisconsin Technical College System, the colleges, their learners, and technical and career education in Wisconsin.

WTCS Coalition Member Organizations:

  • Wisconsin Technical College System
  • Wisconsin Technical College District Boards Association
  • WTCS Presidents Association
  • Wisconsin Education Association Council
  • AFT-Wisconsin
  • Wisconsin Association of Career & Technical Education
  • Wisconsin Student Government
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