Katie Brooks
Katie BrooksResource Director
Katrina Willis (Madison College)
Katrina Willis (Madison College)President
It is her honor and privilege to humbly serve all the students of the Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS), the WCTS, and all our stakeholders statewide. Katrina is very passionate about “being a part of the change we want to see. She looks forward to collaborating with you all, to present your interests for consideration for action by the executive board, WTCS, and the legislature. It is her personal mission to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion, as well as to advocate for and empower others to succeed.
Mailia Bachleitner (Moraine Park Technical College)
Mailia Bachleitner (Moraine Park Technical College)Vice President and Content Manager
Mailia is an IT professional and student leader who will graduate with an Associate of Applied Science degree in IT-Software Development from Moraine Park Technical College in May 2024. Mailia has made significant contributions to the student community, serving as Vice President of the Beaver Dam Student Senate, President of the IT Club, and Parliamentarian of the District Student Government. She has also held statewide leadership positions, such as Lieutenant Governor of the Wisconsin Student Government. As District Student Ambassador and Governor at MPTC for the 2023-2024 academic year, Mailia will continue to promote the interests of her fellow students and advocate for positive change. Outside of her professional and academic pursuits, Mailia is an avid fitness enthusiast and video gamer. Her long-term goal is to create her own game and establish herself as a successful game developer.
Kai Brito (Madison College)
Kai Brito (Madison College)Administrative Financial Officer (AFO)
Kai Brito is an aspiring CPA and current Accounting major at Madison College, graduating in May 2024! This is his first term in WSG where he will support initiatives to increase affordability for students, reduce the cost of attendance, and identify potential cost-saving measures within the system. Kai believes in equal opportunity for all students and strives to uphold the core tenants of diversity, equity, and inclusion in his financial duties and responsibilities. Kai also serves in his local community as the Vice President of Administration & Finance for Madison College and as the Co-Chair for the Sustainable Madison Committee with the City of Madison. When he’s not fighting for the future of our planet, he’s either exploring natural parks or tanking the damage in fantasy RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons.
Carl Van Caster (Northwest Technical College)Parliamentarian
Carl Van Caster is a dedicated accounting student at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, bringing a diverse background in college organizations and leadership roles. Carl has actively participated in the American Marketing Association (AMA) and the Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA), allowing him to explore his interests and stay up-to-date with industry trends. Furthermore, Carl’s commitment to fostering inclusivity and equity shines through his involvement in Racial Inclusion for Student Equity (RISE+), where he contributes to creating a more inclusive campus community.

As a true advocate for student success, Carl shares his expertise and supports fellow students as a valuable member of the College Success Team (CST). He has also played an integral role in the Student Leadership Forum, previously known as the Student Senate. Carl’s exceptional academic achievements have earned him membership in Phi Theta Kappa-Beta Nu Theta (PTK), underscoring his commitment to excellence in his studies. Additionally, Carl actively engages with student representation and governance as an active participant in the Wisconsin Student Government (WSG).

Outside of his academic and professional pursuits, Carl finds joy and relaxation in various forms of gaming, including video, card, and board games. He values meaningful connections with friends, embraces the beauty of the outdoors through exploration, and finds rejuvenation in swimming as a recreational pursuit.

Patrick Casper (MATC)
Patrick Casper (MATC)Public Relations Representative
Patrick enrolled as a first-year student at Milwaukee Area Technical College in the Fall 2021. He is in the Associate of Science Transfer program. He first got involved in student government at the campus level for MATC because he was interested in having a better understanding of student government’s role within the school and quickly became more deeply involved as he saw the high potential to effect change that would benefit students and their communities. In his first academic year, he held four different offices representing the students on campus, district and state levels, including Treasurer of the Oak Creek campus, Secretary of MATC District Student Government, MATC School Board Student Representative and the MATC Governor for WSG. He endeavors to be an advocate on behalf of fellow students statewide, so that they may in turn have the resources they need to benefit their communities and our state as a whole. Upon completion of his program at MATC, he plans to transfer to UW-Madison for Engineering and Physics.