Vicky Weiland

Vicky Weiland

Resource Director

It is an honor and privilege for me to work with WSG as the Resource Director and State Advisor! It is inspirational to watch students from each of their respective technical colleges come together and through collaboration represent all technical college students. The WSG officers along with the Governors and Lt. Governors are passionate about wanting to create the best experience for all students who attend a technical college.

My career as the Student Life Director at Fox Valley Technical College for over 25 years was a blessing. In addition to overseeing student development, I also served as the Conduct Officer during the last several years before my retirement in 2014. Although I retired from FVTC, I continue to work with students as an adjunct faculty member and a motivational speaker. My proudest accomplishment is being a mom and grandma!

Student leadership brings about positive change!! I am thrilled to be play a small part in this by working with the passionate leaders involved in WSG.

Katrina Willis (Madison College)
Katrina Willis (Madison College)President
It is my honor and privilege to humbly serve all the students of the Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS), the WCTS, and all our stakeholders statewide. I am very passionate about “being a part of the change we want to see. I look forward to collaborating with you all, to present your interestes for consideration for action by the executie board, WTCS and the legislature. It is my personal mission to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion, as well as advocating for and empowering others to succeed.
Patrick Casper (MATC)
Patrick Casper (MATC)Vice President
I enrolled as a first-year student at Milwaukee Area Technical College in the Fall 2021. I am in the Associate of Science Transfer program. I first got involved in student government at the campus level for MATC because I was interested in having a better understanding of student government’s role within the school and quickly became more deeply involved as I saw the high potential to effect change that would benefit students and their communities. In my first academic year, I held four different offices representing the students on campus, district and state levels, including Treasurer of the Oak Creek campus, Secretary of MATC District Student Government, MATC School Board Student Representative and the MATC Governor for WSG. I endeavor to be an advocate on behalf of my fellow students statewide so that they may in turn have the resources they need to benefit their communities and our state as a whole. Upon completion of my program at MATC, I plan to transfer to UW-Madison for Engineering and Physics.
John Krueger -- Nicolet College
John Krueger -- Nicolet CollegeAssistant Financial Officer (AFO)
Shanna Thul (Western Technical College)
Shanna Thul (Western Technical College)Parliamentarian
I’m in my second year at Western Technical College in La Crosse, and I’m almost done getting all my generals to transfer to UWL next year for marketing. I’m the current parliamentarian of the Western Student Government and I am very excited to extend myself into the role of parliamentarian for WSG! I’ve always been involved in student advocacy. I was in student government in high school, now Western, and of course WSG. I love being a voice for people and maintaining order and fairness for all. I also enjoy reading so I am always open to book recommendations!
Dylan Marx (Southwest Tech)
Dylan Marx (Southwest Tech)Public Relations Representative
I hope to one day have my own business where I can create graphics, stickers, shirts and other items using my skills in graphic design. I am hoping that the combination of graphic & web design and business management will set me up to be successful with my own personal business as a freelancer. I am a United States Navy veteran, having served 5 1/2 years of active duty. Because of my service, I am a founding member of the SWTC Veterans Club. I also am a member of the techies club on campus.