Vicky Weiland

Vicky Weiland

Resource Director

It is an honor and privilege for me to work with WSG as the Resource Director and State Advisor! It is inspirational to watch students from each of their respective technical colleges come together and through collaboration represent all technical college students. The WSG officers along with the Governors and Lt. Governors are passionate about wanting to create the best experience for all students who attend a technical college.

My career as the Student Life Director at Fox Valley Technical College for over 25 years was a blessing. In addition to overseeing student development, I also served as the Conduct Officer during the last several years before my retirement in 2014. Although I retired from FVTC, I continue to work with students as an adjunct faculty member and a motivational speaker. My proudest accomplishment is being a mom and grandma!

Student leadership brings about positive change!! I am thrilled to be play a small part in this by working with the passionate leaders involved in WSG.

Dan Herder <br /> (Mid-State)
Dan Herder
Dan is a student at Mid-State Technical College in the Digital Marketing program. He graduated from UW-Eau Claire with a BA in Political Science before transferring to Mid-State. Dan is very familiar with the struggles students face today and has made a promise to work hard to make life easier for future students.

Dan ran for a WSG office because the political process has always fascinated him and he enjoys advocating on behalf of students all across the state.

OPEN SPOTVice President
Join us in the Fall to run for this officer position!
Open SPOTAssistant Financial Officer (AFO)
Join us in the Fall to run for this officer position!
Carl Van Caster
(Northeast )
Carl Van Caster is from Northeast Wisconsin Technical College. He hopes to start an all-around game store in the future. He also is looking forward to becoming more involved with the Anime, DECA and RISE organizations at NWTC. Carl is eager to review the by-laws of WSG and do a great job as the Parliamentarian!

Ann Ilagan <br /> (Midstate)
Ann Ilagan
Public Relations Representative
Hi, I’m Ann Ilagan! Being a part of WSG has provided a way for me to walk out my academic journey and develop different professional skills that I normally wouldn’t in my small photography business. Yes, a lot of learning happens in the classroom, but extracurriculars, like WSG, provide an opportunity to apply what you receive in the classroom and connect more “dots” which helps make the academic experience more real. Learning about local and state government, its impact on Wisconsin technical college students, and connecting with legislators, has been invaluable in seeing how education helps boost the local communities where each of the colleges is based. I’m excited to help establish the newly founded PR role for future WSG students.